May 14th, 2019

Test 04 - Always the good news first

Always the good news first

Here we go.

The good news: British driver Callum Ilott (20), a Sauber Junior, driving F2 for Charouz, who took over the cockpit of the Alfa Romeo Racing C38 for the very first time, is absolutely okay after his big crash in Barcelona today.
The bad news: the car is not!

What a shame for Callum, also a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, as he showed a very good performance up until his crash and impressed the team with not only his consistency (normally a rookie has ups and downs) but also his feedback about the car.

More good news: Kimi will be able to continue the test tomorrow.
More bad news: in order to do that, our mechanics (for us the best in the world) will have to put in a night shift.

Callum Ilott (car number 37):

“I’m absolutely gutted for me and Alfa Romeo Racing and of course I feel I’ve let the team down. Up until the crash things were going pretty well and I was enjoying myself delivering the program as planned. The difference between an F2 car and an F1 car is unbelievable when it comes to speed and grip level. Right from the start I felt quite comfortable and could steadily improve the performance, but then I lost it in turn 3 – not exactly the way I imagined my first day in an F1 car to end. Still a great learning experience for me and I’m very grateful to Alfa Romeo Racing for having been given this opportunity.”