May 15th, 2019

Test 04 - Time for a change of scenery

Time for a change of scenery

Two pre-season test sessions, a filming day, a full race weekend and two post-race test days after we first set foot at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in 2019, it is finally time to pack our things and leave Spain for the remainder of the year (on a professional basis, at least. We’re not telling you where to spend your holidays).

The final of these 15 days of on- and off-track action was a solid affair – surely less headline-grabbing than yesterday’s, but we’ll take that. We like our C38 in one piece and our mechanics look a lot more relaxed than they did 24 hours ago (what a splendid job they did, getting the car back into shape for today’s running!).

Time for a change of scenery indeed, and what a change. Pack your tuxedo and your best James Bond looks – it’s Monaco next.

Circuit: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya / 4.655 km
Driver: Kimi Räikkönen
Weather: sunny and dry; air 21/20°C (am/pm), track 36/40°C (am/pm)
Chassis / engine: Alfa Romeo Racing C38 – 03 / Ferrari
Laps: 110 laps, 512 km
Fastest lap: 1:17.393 (C5)

Kimi Räikkönen (car number 7)
“It was a pretty good day in the car. After yesterday’s issues we had to change our testing programme slightly but we managed to go through all the different things we wanted to try. We had the chance to work with different compounds, we worked on the set-up and we put a few different parts on the car, so it was a busy day. I feel that if we did the race weekend again, we’d be stronger than we were.”