About Sauber Group

Sauber is globally renowned as one of the world’s leading high-tech brands. The pioneering and innovative company was founded in 1970, making its Formula One debut in 1993.

Over the past few decades of activity in the motorsport industry, Sauber has developed exceptional skills and expertise in the construction and deployment of Formula One vehicles –Sauber Motorsport’s core business – which is applied in each of the Sauber Group’s third party services. These are provided by Sauber Aerodynamics, which offers full- and model-scale testing, CFD, and vehicle development including access to the state of the art wind tunnel facility, and Sauber Engineering, which focuses on additive manufacturing services including 3D metal printing, laser sintering, and stereolithography.

Sauber DNA

The passion for racing is at the heart of Sauber. The philosophy and spirit developed over more than 45 years in motorsport – 25 of which have been spent competing in Formula One – is represented by every single aspect of the group.

Precision, efficiency, and performance, are the key elements that define Sauber’s success at the race track, as well as at the company headquarters in Hinwil, Switzerland. This results in a high degree of continuity between the group’s activities, ensuring that the skills and expertise that are at the disposal of the Formula One team are available to all of our third party customers.